Welcome to Practical Cloud Security Newsletter for June 28, 2020

This is our first newsletter. Our goal here at Practical Cloud Security is to summarize what a security processional needs to know with regard to AWS Security. Our information should be timely, informative and actionable to security programs of all sizes.

Site Updates

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What has Amazon been up to this week?

There were 52 announcements since Friday, June 19 2020 at 11:11PM. These are the ones of interest.

CloudTrail tip of the week

Today’s CloudTrail tip of the week will help you find VPC Traffic Mirroring in your environment. VPC Traffic mirroring snarfs the packets destined to an eni to another eni. Great if you want to sniff the traffic off of a load balancer after the TLS decrypt happens.

index=cloudtrail eventSource="ec2.amazonaws.com"  eventName="CreateTrafficMirror*"
	eventName="DeleteTrafficMirror*" eventName="ModifyTrafficMirror*"

News and tools from around the cloud security community

  • fwd:CloudSec kicks off tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern time. You can watch it live via the Twitch stream, or catch the videos when they’re posted on YouTube.
  • AWS released CloudFormation Guard a policy linter like tool. Matt Fuller has already issues a massive PR to run policy checks for most resources.