Newsletter July 5, 2020

This past week would have been AWS re:Inforce were it not for the Pandemic. I’d expected a few more security-related announcements to drop, but without a keynote deadline I guess AWS is getting these services truly launch-ready (which takes about 6 months as this week we saw two re:Invent announcements finally go GA).

Newsletter June 28, 2020

Welcome to Practical Cloud Security Newsletter for June 28, 2020 This is our first newsletter. Our goal here at Practical Cloud Security is to summarize what a security processional needs to know with regard to AWS Security. Our information should be timely, informative and actionable to security programs of all sizes. Site Updates This week we released updates on the following services: Amazon Honeycode AWS Client VPN AWS Organizations AWS Lambda Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Amazon Macie What has Amazon been up to this week?